Thursday, February 16, 2012

WipeOut Pool- Birthday party

Those of us who love swimming and having fun, this is the party for you. This is a great party for both girls and boys ages 8+.

Invitations-  I got a template of google by searching "WipeOut Party Invites" There is plenty more so try searching it up.

Another one is try using a program like Microsoft Word. Create a blank white square. Use the Fill in tool and make it a water blue. Create a red circle and put it on the inside of the blue square. Put your info on the inside of the red circle and try and make the blue part look like 'Splashing Water'.

Make it the wipeout course!-  We went and rented a Hotel room at a local hotel and used the pool on the day of the party. This hotal did not allow parties unless you rented a room but some hotals allow parties.We started by purchesing 3 red Excersise balls (you can do more but do not do less than 2).  We placed them onto Baby Floties (In the picture it has tires, you can do this but it may hurt if you hit it.). We set them up in a straight line about 3 feet from the edge of the pool. The kids then had to run from the edge and run across the ball like they do in the real show. This Picture does not show the balls in the water, you can try it this way but it may hurt if you fall.

After the balls we placed a piece of plastic to land on. We cut  4 different pieces of wood and painted blue and white zig-zags to make the tumbler boards like that are on the show. The kids had to jump across that to another piece of plastic to land on.
(The tumbler boards from the show.)

After that we had a rounded piece of Red wood that had handles on the side the person sat on the wood and we spinned them around until they got dizzy. We then walk on a long piece of wood.
That was the end of the course.

The kids played on that for awile and some of them just played in the water.

Food- We just had pizza and cupcakes. The cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla frosting with a large red ball on the top.

Decorations- We got some red balloons and put them around the table. We put a white tablecloth on the table and wala!

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